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Culturally rich, Evia is a heaven for those who love history

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In the village of St. Anna in operation since 1981 Folk Museum with traditional costumes, jewelry, textiles, agricultural, household and other tools and objects used in daily lives of the residents. Recently the museum was moved to a better and more comfortable and enriched with more exhibits. The Folklore Museum of St. Anne, the visitor can admire including the unique Agianniotiki costume, worn until a few years throughout the surrounding area and will be informed about the habits, mode of life and history the years of Ottoman rule until today. In Greek folklore the agianniotiki traditional attire has its own dedicated page. Today examples of male, female and child costume agianniotikis exposed to the Folklore Museum of St. Anna. The men's clothing was a key feature of the classical Greek foustanela with vest, yet highly sophisticated in terms of embroidery. 38.858506, 23.401757 

The Dozens of petrified mammals and invertebrate along with several fossils are of great interest to both the general and scientific communities. As Kerasia is home to one of Europe's few petrified forests, the museum is one of the region's most significant and widely visited. 38.911209, 23.324853

The Archaeological Museum of Chalkis housed in a building from the early 20th century and brings together findings from all over Evia. The exhibits are arranged chronologically from the Palaeolithic to the Late Roman period and from excavations in Evia.

38.463392, 23.593430 

The Byzantine museum of Halkida housed in the castle of the city with an important collection of stone sculptures from the Byzantine period of the city and from the Venetian period and later periods of Ottoman occupation and the modern Greek state.

The museum of shells, rocks and sea findings "Nautilus", in Agiokampo Edipsos, North Evia, created to bring the visitor in contact with the marine world. The museum includes a hall with projections for the juvenilia life billions of years ago and how it affected the culture of later generations. 38.9323427, 23.0379291