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Fresh ingredients, mouthwatering recipes and our chef's delicate imagination combined, offering a wide variety of choices. Our restaurants become a destination themselves – yours, to taste! 

Reservations are made with our maître or by downloading our new App!

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Offering traditional greek buffet breakfast and dinner. Asado restaurant features a contemporary approach on the classic greek and Mediterranean dishes, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. With ample seating near the pool, it quickly becomes a favorite.

"Meze" offers fresh fish and seafood dishes of the highest quality. And it is "social" since it encourages "sharing". Ideal for an early evening ouzo aperitif and seafood bites, or a gourmet seafood lunch; it features the ambience and tastes of the Aegean traditional taverns that will stay in your memory for ever. Of equal importance, you don't have to leave the beach or the sand under your feet to enjoy all these. Tastes better doesn't it?

'Baxe' is located in one of the most privileged areas of the hotel, on the upper level deck next to the open air fireplace - where you can enjoy your cocktails before or after your gastronomical experience. 'Baxe' serves avant garde mediterannean cuisine and is loyal to the 'slow food' culture. As it is a '5 tables' only restaurant, a relaxed ambience is secured. All the herbs that will indulge your taste will most certainly 'awake' all your senses - thanks to our beautiful herb 'baxe' located in the very same area. Make sure you reserve a table.

On the beach under the starlight, Alati Prive is waiting to transform your evenings to a private dinning unique experience. As the sun sets, the candles light up the beach and a single table for two is set on the seashore. Dinner is served as the moon rises from the sea. Delicate flavours caress the palate and precious moments linger with the stars above. Oh and most importantly no matter what date it is we GUARRANTEE you that you will dine under a Full Moon .... Can't tell you how though. Intrigued?

Exedra Lounge is overlooking the horizon and is the perfect place for you to host your private reception, or a small dinner for a few select friends. The Aegean breeze accompanies the courses and the merriment of your company mingles with the notes of the cool discreet music. The stars move in the sky and the wines give place to the liquors, heightening the spirits. It is the perfect summer night and its yours. Enjoy it daily with a cocktail by the open air fireplace or book it in advance for a private gathering.

Pure ingredients, refreshing tastes and the necessary "mixing noise" will tingle your senses. Yours to sip.

For those who don't want to leave the comfort of their room, in room dining is available. Choose among a selection of dishes from all our restaurants and enjoy your dinner in the privacy of your terrace or balcony overlooking the Aegean Sea.