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Agkali, the Agia Anna beach, is a long sandy eastern facing beach with lots of natural gulfs, the ideal spot to watch the sun rise from the sea, spend the afternoon working on your tan – or your racket serve – or taste the local fish as soon as it is off the boats, in the small taverns.

38.857444, 23.449487 

Saint Vasilios, two impressive beaches, a short distance the North of the South, offers to visitors a unique feeling of the unspoiled nature. This dual beach, also, is the way to the chapel of St. Basil, which is located on the peninsula.

38.883204, 23.443803 

Ellinika Beach is a quiet one and close to the beach of Agios Nikolaos. This beautiful beach is a real jewel, a harbour for small boats, with pine trees along the sea. Across it, there is a small island with the church of St. Nikolaos. Swimming to the island is an opportunity to enjoy a workout. The village is located on a slope of a hill covered with pine trees. Its name has derived from the Greek ("ellinika") ships which anchored at the beach before the naval battle of Artemissio. 39.009922, 23.352435 

Mantoudi or Kymasi is the beach of Mandoudi village. It has a long beach with sand and pebbles. The small bridge over a small stream of water, coming from the sea and forming a small lake behind the pier, is characteristic of the area. 38.811218, 23.516972

On the western side of Northern Evia, lies Lichadonisia, a complex of small islands which locals call the "Greek Seychelles" and are an ecologically protected area, once inhabited by a few residents, but now deserted.The biger island of Lichadonisia island complex, has an organized sandy beach, with small rocks on the sides. The smaller islands have unorganized sandy beaches and shallowemerald waters, excellent for swimming and relaxation. 38.819831, 22.818902 

Psaropouli beach is located near the village of Vasilika in North Evia which is one of the most beautiful villages visited by numerous tourists. There are taverns and restaurants with good food on the beach overlooking the sea. 38.983339, 23.371004